AI in healthcare has been a personal journey that stemmed before I even knew I would be taking the journey. It started with working at Stanford School of Medicine and being exposed to all the aspects of medicine – a few patients, clinics, a lot of doctors and physicians and researchers. Then I experienced first hand the patient aspect with a family member located in a small town, who had serious health issues and created a lot of data from those health issues, in all forms – before, during and after care. I felt totally ill-equipped and uninformed with no medical knowledge for this family member. During the most serious of medical procedures, I began to look for an app that could centralize information that not only I could monitor from a distance, but also be used by this family member.

Fast forward not long after that, I began slowly moving towards monitoring my own health more closely with iOS apps and an Apple Watch. Then I discovered the app Lark. The AI component of Lark is what finally made me pivot into a new passion in life – AI in healthcare. You could say that my career at Stanford, that family member and AI all influenced my new trajectory in life.